Philadelphia Style Ice Cream – Barefeet in the Kitchen

Wonderfully simple to make, and with an incredibly bold vanilla flavor, Philadelphia Style Ice Cream is hands down, the best simple vanilla ice cream I have ever made.

egg free ice cream in small white bowl

Served on its own or with a drizzle of caramel sauce or hot fudge, this is an ice cream worthy of any occasion.

Try scooping the ice cream over a warm brownie or stir brownie chunks or crumbled cookies into the churned ice cream before tucking it in the freezer. However you make and serve this ice cream, it’s certain to be a win with everyone.

Philadelphia Style Ice Cream

Did you know that Philadelphia style ice cream is simply ice cream made with no eggs? I have tried some impressively rich ice creams (made with eggs) over the years.

However, we are not used to ice creams that rich, so they are not frequently made in my home. Besides, I’ll be honest, I like to make things simpler and not more complicated in the kitchen wherever possible.

I’ve made this recipe both cooked and uncooked. If you are really in a rush, you can simply stir everything together cold and pour it into the machine. But, simmering just long enough to dissolve the sugar and then cooling it again truly makes it even better. So, that is how I usually make it.

Stir, Simmer, Stir, Chill and Freeze; less than 10 minutes of actual prep time. If I put the mixture together in the morning, and then freeze it in the afternoon, we are easily having Philadelphia ice cream for dessert the same evening.

creamy eggless ice cream scooped into white bowl

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